Cycling is an excellent training exercise for speed skaters. Endurance and strength can be improved by cycling. IJCE offers cycle training specific to speed skaters when the ice rink is closed. The training is designed specifically to skater's needs, so that it will help you to prepare for the next speed skating season. Besides the usefulness, cycling with other club members is fun! The training is open to youth from nine years of age and adults.

IJCE offers mountain bike training and race training, each on their own location and time. Only one of the training locations and times can be chosen when you subscribe, multiple training sessions are not available. However, should you miss one of you regular training sessions, you may compensate for the missed session on another day. Check with your trainer when this is the case.. 

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    Mountain bikes


    • When: Thursday evening, youth and adults from 18:30h till 19:45h. This year (2022) we will start April 21.
    • Location: The cycle track at OpNoord.