Next competitions

The official competition calendars are published by the KSNB-Zuid. Below you will find some direct links to the calendars for the competitions in Eindhoven:

Below you will also find an overview of all competitions that are accessible for members of IJCE with a seasonal competition subscription ('wedstrijdabonnement'). This overview is updated regularly, but not as ofthen as the official calendars. Therefore, we recommend to always check the KSNB-Zuid site for the latest information and to subscribe to the competitions.

October 2021
Day Competition Start Location
Regio Marathon 2 400m baan
Trainingswedstrijd 1 400m baan
GK supersprint & pure sprint Kunstijsbaan Breda
Trainingswedstrijd 2 400m baan
December 2021
Day Competition Start Location
Trainingswedstrijd 6 400m baan
GK Marathon Kunstijsbaan Breda
Trainingswedstrijd 7 400m baan
Beneluxcup Luxemburg Kockelscheuer Luxemburg
GK Pupillen en Junioren C Ireen Wüst ijsbaan Tilburg
January 2022
Day Competition Start Location
Trainingswedstrijd 8 400m baan
Regio Marathon 8 400m baan
Beneluxcup Lommel IJsstadion Lommel
Trainingswedstrijd 9 400m baan
Beneluxcup Tilburg Ireen Wüst ijsbaan Tilburg
Trainingswedstrijd 10 400m baan
GK Allround (dag 1) en GAK 1500 meter 400m baan
GK Allround (dag 2) 400m baan
March 2022
Day Competition Start Location
Beneluxcup Nijmegen Triavium Nijmegen
Small ice rinks tournament finals Kunstijsbaan Breda
Trainingswedstrijd 13 400m baan
GAK 5 km dames en 10 km heren 400m baan