Introductory lesson

At IJCE anyone, youth or adult, is welcome to try-out shorttrack skating or (speed) skating: two different skating sports that complement each other very well.

There are shorttrack training groups for youths and for adults, for beginners and for experienced skaters. You can participate in shorttrack training if you have reasonable skating skills. Speed skating (sometimes called long track skating) is about skating on the 400 m track on racing skates. Children and youths have their trainings initially on the (small) 30x60 m track, and they switch to the 400 m track once their skating skills have sufficiently improved. For adults we have training groups at all levels, from beginner to experienced skaters who want to improve their skating technique.

Shorttrack trainings are organized full year around, the 400 m track is in use only from mid-October until mid-March. In the summer period (from mid-April until mid-October) IJCE organizes skeeler training, racing bike and mountainbike training, and bootcamp. In other words, you can sport full year around at IJCE!

Would you like to know if shorttrack skating or speed skating is your cup of tea? Then apply for an introductory lesson. 

apply for introductory lesson


The introductory lessons for youths (age 6-16 years) are on Friday evenings (first hour).
The introductory lessons for adults (age 17 years and up) are on Friday evenings (second hour).

Training for children and youth on 30x60 m track

The introductory lessons for children and youths (age 6-12 years) are always on Saturday morning 8.15 - 9.15 h. There are training groups at all levels, from beginner to experienced skater. At the start of the introductory lesson we check which training group is best suited for you, so that you will enjoy your time at IJCE the most!

Speed skating (youth and adults)

The introductory lessons for youths (age 6-18 years) who want to improve their skating technique is on Saturday morning 8.15 - 9.15 h, or on Monday evening 18.30 - 19.45 h.
The introductory lessons for adults (age 19 years and up) is on Monday evening 20.00 - 21.15 h, or on Sunday morning 7.30 - 8.45 h.

When you apply for an introductory lesson, you will quickly receive an invitation with more information.

We wish you fun skating!