Next competitions

The official competition calendars are published by the KSNB-Zuid. Below you will find some direct links to the calendars for the competitions in Eindhoven:

Below you will also find an overview of all competitions that are accessible for members of IJCE with a seasonal competition subscription ('wedstrijdabonnement'). This overview is updated regularly, but not as ofthen as the official calendars. Therefore, we recommend to always check the KSNB-Zuid site for the latest information and to subscribe to the competitions.

December 2022
Day Competition Start Location
Jeugdmarathon 2 en Marathon 400m baan
Supersprint jeugd 17 december 2022 400m baan
Trainingswedstrijd 5 400m baan
March 2023
Day Competition Start Location
Kleine Baan Toernooi 3 Kunstijsbaan Breda
Trainingswedstrijd 11 400m baan
Trainingswedstrijd 12 + Pupillencompetitie 400m baan
GAK 5+10 km Kunstijsbaan Breda